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Git Cheatsheet

Git CheatSheet.


git log --oneline 

Shallow Clone

Avoid getting entire history of a large repo when you only need the latest commit.

git clone --depth 1 [email protected]:aws/aws-sdk-go.git


git revert abcd

Cherry Pick

# Pick multiple commits to squash
# -n means do not commit
git cherry-pick -n commit1
git cherry-pick -n commit2
git commit


Generate diff of two branches and apply it to another branch to avoid cherry-picking many commits.

git checkout feature
git diff main > /tmp/feature.patch
git checkout -b feature-v2
git apply /tmp/feature.patch


Download the lfs binary from and run the following to setup the lfs for your account. You don't need to run it for every repository.

git lfs install

For each repository, run git lfs track "*.ext" to track the large files.

# Photoshop files
git lfs track "*.psd"

The command actually updates .gitattributes file. Which you can edit directly in editor.

*.psd filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text