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Cloudflare Cheatsheet

Create pages with Github Integration

When creating the app using cli, you need to skip deploy, this way you can create the project in dashboard and connection to github. Use --deploy for c3.

npm create cloudflare@latest my-next-app -- --framework=next --deploy=false

Pass additional arguments to the template

Cloudflare's c3 cli calls other cli to create project. To pass arguments to the underlying cli such as create-docusaurus use another --- to pass things like -typescript to the docusaurus cli.

npm create cloudflare@latest at15 -- --type webFramework --framework=docusaurus -- --typescript

Setup domain name for pages

  • The domain name need to manged by cloudflare, either register using cloudflare or set the nameserver to use cloudflare
  • Setup using custom domain in the pages dashboard